Curtain Walling

Benefits of Curtain Walling

  • Entec Access Systems can provide low rise Curtain Walling solutions for your project.
  • Curtain Walling is a thermally broken non-load bearing wall which forms the exterior envelope of a building or forms an entrance package.
  • The aluminum façade is typically glazed in both single and double glazed but can also incorporate insulated spandrel panels, colored and tinted glass can also be incorporated. The combination of glass and aluminium provides architects and designers with the tools to create a stunning facade that meet the demands of contemporary building design, without compromising the buildings light transparency, ventilation, weather proofing and thermal insulation properties.
  • The ENTEC curtain walling system has been weather tested in accordance with the CWCT test method covering air permeability, watertightness (static), wind resistance (serviceability) and wind resistance (Safety).
  • Installation can follow both hung and prop conditions which can be tailored to meeting building design and site conditions.
  • Finish can be in polyester powder coated paint to BS 3987: 1991 (01.06.2007) within the standard RAL range see our Need To Know page regarding paint finishes.
  • Other specialist finishes can be discussed on a project by project basis.
  • Thermally broken curtain walling systems along with correctly specified double glazed units leads to compliant U values for today’s construction requirements.
  • Automatic and manual doors along with windows are a straight forward addition to any curtain walling project with door automation often adding that finishing touch to an entrance project.

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