Automatic Swing Doors

Benefits of Swing Doors

  • Automatic swing doors can be used both internally and externally in a wide variety of applications.
  • Swing door operators can be found on applications ranging from modifications for less able users to new bespoke entrances for high-traffic retail operations.
  • They are suitable for both high and low traffic environments.
  • They offer a convenient means of access when physically pushing or pulling a heavy manual door, could prove difficult.
  • ENTEC swing door operators can be used for both new installations and automation of existing door leaves.
  • New installations can include new doors and framework, should they be required.
  • Our swing door operator is available in both push, pull and low energy options where required. It is extremely versatile and when combined with a range of presence scanning devices, offers the highest level of safety, compliant with BS EN 16005.
  • Like all our products it can be easily interfaced withyour access control and building management systems to provide a secure and easy to use entrance solution.
  • Electric locking can also be included where required to enhance access control applications.
  • It is suitable for applications within the Retail, Healthcare, Residential & Care Homes, Education, Office and Public Service environments.
  • Due to its lower power consumption, Entec’s low energy swing door operator helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the operator.

Please click to see EMO Low Energy Swing Door - Product Data Sheet and EMSW User Manual

Our Work

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