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ENTEC are a leading specialist contractor who supply and fit a wide range of automatic door operators, complete entrance packages and shop fronts into the retail, health, commercial, local authority and industrial market sectors.

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The operator/s requires a mains voltage supply, this should be in the form of one number 13a switched fused spur with neon indicator if possible, to each door set. The spur should terminate at high level adjacent to our operator with a flex feed out connected and left coiled up with a length of at 1.5m long.

The fusing should be down rated to 3 amps. The circuit supply should be left isolated and the point of distribution and fuse left withdrawn and placed safely on top of the spur. NOTE: This mains supply should be considered with regards to any fire alarm interface requirements. Fire Alarm Interfaces are detailed further below.


SWING DOOR TO CLOSE: Please see attached detail for fire alarm interface method for automatic swing door operators, if the site needs the doors to cease automatic operation and go to the closed position upon activation of the fire alarm system.

If the door set is in the open position when the mains voltage power is cut, the doors will close under the spring and hydraulic pressure contained within the operator.

Normally the door will need to swing in the direction of escape. The door leaves will offer a manual capability when de-powered and will return to the closed position after being manually used.

SWING and SLIDING DOOR TO OPEN: This signal needs to be: One number normally open volt free pair of relay contacts that close upon activation of the fire alarm system. As we can only receive a normally open signal the interface should be monitored.

The signal once closed will hold the doors in the open position until either the mains voltage power is lost, or the interface signal is interrupted.

The interface cable should be of a suitable type, identified and terminated at high level next to our operator ready for our installation engineer to make the final connection.


To interface our operator/s with the access control system we will require one signal.

The interface signal should be: One number normally open volt free pair of relay contacts that close upon and authorised signal being read. The interface signal must be a switching signal and not an electronic signal.

The interface cable should be identified and terminated at high level next to our operator ready for our installation engineer to make the final connection.

Card Swipes and Request to Exit Buttons: Consideration needs to be given when locating these devices where automatic swing doors are being installed. If a user stands within the arc swing of the door leaf, they will stop the door working as they will, most probably, be occupying the safety system control zone. Consideration also needs to be given to wheelchair users that need to be able to activate the door from either side whilst being outside of the arc swing. Please contact this office if further advice is required


With swing door sets the electric locking can be in various formats from electrical locks, electric strikes and magnetic locks. The locks are normally fitted and powered by others (normally the access control system installer).

As the locks need to release just in advance of the doors opening automatically the lock drive power timing requires consideration. We strongly recommend discussion in advance to ensure the systems are compatible.

Smaller low power consumption electric strikes can be powered from our operator/s. This option should be considered as this method will provide the timing required to power / de-power the lock in advance of the doors opening automatically.

Electric locking may also need to be interfaced with the buildings fire detection system independently of the door automation equipment.

SLIDING DOORS. Electric locking for sliding door operators is normally on bolt on accessory package supplied and fitted as a part of installation works.


If the doors are to have intruder alarm door contacts, these will be fitted in the conventional methods. Cabling for intruder alarm contacts should not be routed via within our equipment.

SLIDING DOORS. Please contact this office for further advice on locating intruder alarm contacts on sliding door sets.


Should there be a requirement to interface door automation with an air curtain or air conditioning system we recommend that we are put in contact with the company / installer concerned.