Hands-Free Touchless Door Switches

Touchless hands-free switching is the perfect solution to reduce the risk of cross contamination, especially during the COVID 19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Hands-Free Touchless Door Switches

Entec Clear Wave
Dimensions: 86mm x 86mm 20mm (depth)

Entec J Wave
Dimensions: 40mm x 117mm 20mm (depth)

Detection Range
Detection Range

Benefits for Touchless Door Switches

  1. Reduces cross-contamination
  2. Hands-free / touchless operation
  3. Can be fitted to existing door operators.
  4. Water-resistant to IP54
  5. Sleek slim design.
  6. Reliable, these are fully proven and tested products
  7. Fast reaction times
  8. Low power consumption.

Touchless hands-free switches can be retro fitted to any existing door system and are adaptable to any type of automatic door operator.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think changing to touchless switching technology will further enhance your existing cleaning/hygiene protocols.



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